After Session Feedback

Hi Brian

Thank you for another great session tonight! I cannot wait and see what the scan reveals in December for the ovarian cyst but in the meantime I am grateful to receive the other benefits from the session!

HaveΒ  great weekend!

KindΒ regards


Published by Brian Robert Hyland

The world is about to change and everything is ALL GOOD! This is a chronicle of the changes!

One thought on “After Session Feedback

  1. Thankyou X 1,000,000,000 times to you,why not.
    4 healing sessions,I am experiencing Magic in my life.
    New friends,free healing session,overall wellness to do with my health,a financial windfall.
    Experiencing more of a excitement that Change is inevitable and it is a natural state to BE in.
    While in a Ashram in India,I experienced a INSTANTANEOUS healing,I believe that this healing system does the same.It is So COOL.


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