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Published by Brian Robert Hyland

The world is about to change and everything is ALL GOOD! This is a chronicle of the changes!

7 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Gday Brian, just a note to say thank you so much for giving me my life back. With 3 degenerated discs in my lower back, severe pain i had givenup on life. I couldn’t ride my horses , walk the beach nor enjoy the bush, all these were my life. I was facing a misserable exsistance,at one stage i was so down i tryed to end it all, thankfully i didn’t succeed. I used drugs to hide behind, of course that was the wrong thing to do . After meeting you with your amazing new treatment my life has totaly turned around. Im now training a young horse, been out in the bush with nature and planning a fishing trip down south( can’t wait to stand the rocks again catch a salmon, and watch the wales). Also stared doing peer support work helping others recover from addiction. Brian you saved my life THANK YOU SO SO MUCH. YOURS KEN


  2. Hey Brian

    Thank you for the Sonicbalance session on 18/7/18.
    I did find the hour long session far more beneficial for me.
    I found on that occasion l went to a dark place for several days after the session not to heavy.
    I feel that is the result of changes happening in my body from the sonic sound.
    It is an interesting process observing the subtle changes from each session.
    I have noticed changes in my attitude and seeing things more clearly, l hope the clarity of thought continues.
    Thank you for the sonicbalance session looking forward to the next one.

    Cheers Leon


  3. 11.7.19
    Hi Brian
    Thanks for the short trial session today have noticed subtle differences in my self.
    I enjoyed communicating with a like minded human.


  4. I’ve been very fortunate to experience every upgrade of the sound waves from the very beginning, some 10 months ago, I suppose you’d call me a Test-Pilot.
    During the treatment, Most times I fall into a deep semi-conscious state & experience REM as one would in a deep sleep when the body heals & repairs itself.
    The experience is quite amazing, from rejuvenated facial skin & collagen to healing tired strained muscles. No more neck ache & even old sporting injuries feel recovered & healthy.
    I feel this form of treatment to be the best, painless alternative to fix my body, mind & spirit
    Thank you Soul-Sonics I am a believer


  5. Thankyou Brian..
    Was seriously “Another level” relaxing! Unique experience & surprisingly the upbeat in energy thoughout the rest of the day was refreshing! I struggle on the daily with my Hasimotos disease & my constant lethargic struggle without 15 cups of coffee everyday!! Legit stayed on 1 cup of coffee (at Grandads) all day! Felt great, had a glow about me apparently.. will see you again!!


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