The Sonicbalance™ Massager Table™ provides a full body massage using using harmonious frequencies and vibration. The frequency and vibration are able to penetrate and deliver
massage deep into the body and joints.

The Sonicbalance™ Table uses sound of specific frequencies matched to the right areas of the body to harmonise the body, mind & soul. We find that when the body is vibrating harmoniously as it is supposed to, anything that is not an harmonious vibration in the body is pushed out/realigned.

This technology is able to pass harmlessly through undamaged flesh to target problem areas inside the body. The vibrations will build up and push/release anything that is not supposed to be there.

This is ancient technology reinvented with new materials using sound and vibration to deliver a new multi-dimensional technology experience with amazing potential.

The program uses 12 frequencies in 41 different programs that harmonise the body over 69 mins. The frequencies that I use are all in alignment to sacred geometries and the golden mean.

We are able to deliver the frequency of nature, the frequency of walking bare foot in the grass, and the energy frequency of music directly into the body.

Clients most commonly report feeling clearer, stronger (both physically and emotionally), and report more energy, and even a new spark of life after just 1 session. We recommend 3 sessions. The effect lasts for about 2 weeks or more. Chronic pain clients have sessions monthly to maintain the pain relief effect.

This is a massage experience of the highest order with the vibrations being able to seek out old pain from deep inside the body, muscles and joints. It is a premiere massage experience.

The Celestial Tones take you on an experiential journey through your entire body connecting everything and harmonising deep inside the body.

This is a free service and we have a donation box.

I recommend 3 sessions for everybody. You can do them hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.